The Book of Dovus - A Giant’s Heart

Known throughout the world of Dovus, the Book of Dovus is a beloved and revered relic to be held by a single, traveling story teller and holds all of the realms collected knowledge. Arcus, the current bearer of the Book of Dovus, finds himself near a camp in the woods of Westonnes.


Chronicles - The Library of Halgras

In the country of Halgras, to the west of Averia, a member of the Binder's Council named Raoq and his ahmir Teshar have been sent to investigate long forgotten ruins in hopes of finding ancient knowledge.


The Balance in Averia - Part 2

With the death of Navir, the culture surrounding Balu begins to show it's true colors. Meanwhile, a string of disappearances beckons for Fenrir and Rowan's attention. 


The Balance in Averia - Part 1

Fenrir and Rowan enter the Averian Jungle searching for a fellow binder they have not seen in decades, only to be pulled into the depths of the Averian jungle's culture and the murky past that carved it into being.

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